Welcome to Vijayawada Book Festival Society

Time flies fast! Very fast indeed! When we at the Vijayawada Book Festival Society look back to see, how far we have travelled, it’s a great feeling a feeling which is difficult to explain in words. A satisfaction, that we have been able to establish Vijayawada firmly on the book-happening map of India and contributed our part toward making the books available to the reading community of this region.

As founder Secretary, and Secretary of the Society of 10 years, Vice President for one year and Working Committee Member for the remaining years, on behalf of the Society, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to one and all of you who have made this success possible. I am giving here under the origin of Society as well as its, development, as model Society in India. Though I have tried to incorporate as many events and persons, as possible Read More +


In order to inculcate book reading as a habit and make people realize the importance of books, Vijayawada Book Festival Society is organizing book festivals to the appreciation of one and all since 1991. Sensing the lack of proper library facilities...Read More +


NBT-KPA Sign MoUJun.21.2013

On the occasion of India as Guest of Honor country at Seoul International Book Fair...
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Shri Kapil Sibal inaugurates National Book WeekNov.14.2012

I believe through books we empower children and children can empower us through books...
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